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about meIllusive Radio is California's very own Caribbean website and mobile application with over 4,000 downloads, it streams Caribbean culture 24/7 on 10 music and 4 video channels. The website and mobile app features include: Blog, User Profiles, Music, Video, News Feed, Djs, Artists, and so much more. We provide listeners with the chance to listen to music outside the bracket of a typical FM radio station. Illusive Radio was built by Belizean born, Karim Gordon, who has over 15 years of experience in the music industry with both being a DJ and promoter. Gordon also has a degree in which he majored in Computer Hardware and Audio Engineering. Illusive Radio Primarily started online as a channel then later becoming a channel. During the course of achieving his second degree, Karim Gordon, was given a class project to create a website and decided to have the class project coincide with his online radio. Mr. Gordon then built and implemented the 24/7 online radio station attached to the website; as well as, making it available as a mobile application in the Apple App Store and on Android Platforms.




Schedule Tuesday 01/27
Broadcast Time 7:00-9:00pm Pst

Kevin aka Genius

Schedule Wednesday
Broadcast Time 7:00–9:00pm Pst


Schedule Thursday
Broadcast Time 7:00-9:00pm Pst


Schedule Sunday
Broadcast Time 9:00 pm pst

Mista Twin

Schedule Saturday
Broadcast Time 10:00 - 11:59am Pst

Dj Blacka

Schedule Saturday
Broadcast Time 1:00 – 3:00pm Pst

DJ Willy Wonka

Schedule Friday
Broadcast Time 5:00 – 7:00pm Pst
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